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Broadcasting The most important task is to type in your Picarto credentials for streaming. For unpartnered streamers it is recommended to stream at a quality of p at 30fps or you will output to much data to your viewers and cause buffering for people who have bad connections or internet. First, we need to acquire our stream key. To find how much upload speed you have you can do a speedtest here:

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Browse to find your image, then click select, then OK. For my skill level and style, which 1v1 race? Upload Speed, Bitrate, and Streaming July 5, And thats about it, you will have to test a bit, and might encounter problems, or even bugs in a software. If you aren't editing the files then record lower, like 8Kbps. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Twitch Inspector

The only undetermined factor here is "bits-per-pixel" and Twitch recommends 0. Moba's LoL, Dota require less bitrate, simply because there's not as much movement and because of the camera angle isometric view. Do they watch it in the browser, with the chat next to it, or do they watch it fullscreen. Now, to actually calculate bitrate, there's a formula:. I tried streaming Hearthstone with these settings and bitrate. Back to bitrate, as this is pretty much the biggest determining factor for stream quality. This means that in most cases a higher resolution will actually result in a lower quality especially in fast motion scenes. But there's a point where theory meets practice, and the practical side tends to win out. Also keep in mind that the higher you set this, the higher connection speed will be required to actually watch your stream so on the viewer. Now this kinda triggers a whole new discussion.. So that is just one more thing to think about: I absolutely have to disagree strongly there. This will downscale the monitor resolution to p maintaining the corrrect aspect ratio Select "Lanczos" from the "filter" dropdown and set the fps to 30 don't even think about selecting anything higher, kittens will die. For p 30fps this then results in:. Everything has been tested and comes from years of experience working with video and encoding. It's not like they put together a thing or two threw some numbers at it and called it a day. Also, my monitor has I am not really sure how to deal with this, as setting You should leave the resolution at x You only see the bars on Twitch, because they're black: So in short, there's nothing to worry about, there is nothing to get rid off, because there basically is nothing there. What the formula also shows is that if you increase the fps it increases the bitrate requirement by alot. If your CPU really suffers while streaming, you can try using "superfast". And I have effectively ; when I made the un-announced jump from 30 to 60 a few months ago, viewers commented on how much better the stream looked that evening, and asked what I'd done. Mindlessly jumping to 60fps though on games that really don't need it is of course not recommended, and high-motion games of course will look much better with that bitrate devoted to image clarity. Only way to fix that is to switch to cabled when streaming. Depending on the game you're trying to stream, you'll get the most quality out of the bitrate higher is better. But it changes based upon on-screen motion. It's well and good to theorycraft. A theoretical starting point, nothing more. Like I said, bitrate is what will influence the quality the most, so deciding what to go for is important and you should try out different settings depending on which game you're streaming. And as I said in my original reply, you can should aim lower for other types of games.

I'd like to start streaming my games more regulary, but my settings and stream quality have been sort of lacking. I think it defaults to "high". Even if you have the bandwidth available, your viewers will be happier if you run at a lower bitrate which will help avoid as much buffering. Nope they're not way off.. Yes, there's a break-point where the bitrate is better-spent on image fidelity.

And in fact I'm pretty sure that if those same people did a blind test, they wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between a 30fps and 60fps stream. Go up a step for a card game hearthstone I use a non-OC'd i7 and am able to run 60 or 30 on most games at kbps, dropping to if I'm having bandwidth issues. In the first case, there's very little point in streaming p as it is both a waste of bandwidth and quality.

Unless those figures apply to Ultrafast, or crap-quality hardware encoding, they are simply off. If you wanted more detail though and to play with other variables, head to https: If you're non-partnered, stick at or below kbps. That's double the amount of 30fps.

So does the things Twitch came up with their SDK. I feel like my PC has better potential than what I see on stream. But sometimes experience might be the right one to listen to, man. And set the Keyframe Interval to 2 defaults to 0. Card games and such require even less bitrate. My internet connection is decent enough too 10Mbps upload.

Personally, I don't think you really need the 30fps, so I went ahead and tested p 25fps, upping the bitrate to 3k. Again, you're being vague about that experience, while throwing out a pretty damn large number of years. So let's say you'd want to stream 60fps, maintaining the same bits-per-pixel:. Now I am not sure if its just Twitch, because it sometimes happens when I watch other streams too.

We calculate the default bitrate based on this target. I just did a quick test with Hearthstone never played it before, just downloaded it for this test. I'd buy that bitrate need at Ultrafast, actually Speaking of which, they don't take into account encoder preset whatsoever. Please be a bit more specific, if you want me to take it into consideration. How do people watch your stream?

So according to that, the quality is going to be the same at Ultrafast or Slower, so long as they use the same bitrate. Yes, they're way off based upon testing, evaluation, and viewer feedback. A p stream watched fullscreen x will always look a bit "blurry" less crisp if you like because it is being stretched. If you're on WiFi instead of cabled, that can also be the cause of dropouts.

The rate of returns are so minimal as to be worthless, if not. Thanks for detailed reply. Which is frankly bunk. Because I could say that I have over 30 years' experience working with video, if I count taping Saturday morning cartoons, if we're credential-waggling. You may slide the view around a bit, but very little overall frame-change occurs as you're playing it. Increasing the bits-per-pixel is what will increase the stream quality and ofcourse the bitrate outcome in the equation.

Also, if you'd watch the stream at fullscreen on a This also goes the other way around. If you watch a For some reason people are fine with top and bottom they may not even notice them and not so much with left and right. Under the "Advanced" section set the Encoding Profile to "main".

Again, there's nothing to worry about. Of the three, Starbound is going to be the 'bitrate heaviest' game More meant that with a fairly low-motion game like those you listed, you will get better image quality at a lower bitrate than an FPS or MMO would. Like a lot of people seem to think it's a good idea to stream at 60fps laughs.. Frankly, I couldn't care less what you take into consideration or what it takes and I certainly don't feel like specifying my 20 yrs of past experiences as that won't change anything.

Increasing framerate is NOT a linear function as your calcs above suggest; twice the fps doesn't require double the bitrate to provide equatable image quality due to how the encoding works. The easiest way to figure out which aspect ratio you have is to let OBS figure it out for you. And I keep going on about theorycrafting, because that's what it is. The default for streaming what most ppl currently use is a p resolution, meaning either x or x depending on your monitor aspect ratio. The quality seems decent enough to me, but the stream would sometimes lagg. If by lag you mean it stutters now and then, check to see if you're dropping frames OBS shows those at the bottom. What bitrate, quality, resolution etc. This is obviously not realistic for most people and the SDK currently limits the maximum bitrate you can set to Kbps. Hearthstone at p with kbps should be plenty. Twitch currently recommends a maximum of kbps OBS will also warn you if you set this higher. More to the point though, I livestream regularly and test quality at different settings and levels extensively, to deliver the best possible stream I can, for a wide variety of games. Not sure why you keep going on about theorycrafting.. How is the default bitrate calculated? For example with a resolution of x at 30 FPS we get: Therefore to maintain a similar quality at p you'll need a bitrate of over 6 Mpbs. Or let's say you'd stream 60fps but maintain the bitrate of 30fps In case you want to play around with these numbers a bit, I put together a bitrate calculator that you can download: The info page for it is still work in progress, but the download is there at the bottom of the page.
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