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I don't have time for people who are so sheltered and out of tune with what's going on around them that they think feeling a bit sad on one rainy afternoon means they have chronic clinical depression. The One Daughter of Fate 1. The study uses a type of brain imaging—diffusion tensor imaging—which can reveal the microscopic structures of the living brain. The Unsung Hero of the Grammar World Discussion Grammar I have reviewed a few pieces on this board, and I have noticed that many people haven't used a semicolon where they could have to great effect. Brought back some pretty pungent T-word memories.

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Everyone decided that, with snowstorms incoming and the bear wounded, their finest hour had come, and it was their time to be heroes. Rated M for suicide, depression, cutting, strong language, and yaoi. Many teachers are also spending much less time with students, answering their questions, or having office hours. He turned it on, logged into AIM, and was then surprised to receive an IM from a classmate of his, who had been absent that day. Fluffiness, rejection and lemon-lime all over the place.

Guenda. Age: 30. Hey i just moved to mackay and i'm looking for a guy (: i like to go out and have fun on weekends and just enjoy life.

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I also would like to point out that I write gay pairings and straight. In Captivity by TombRomance reviews All Emma wanted was to protect the ones she loved, and enjoy her life in the military. All my stories I write have a Mature rating. I've only written one main character falling for a female and that was the third story I'd EVER written, back when I was in my early teens. He figured he could help. I also would like to add that I do have a few medical issues, no stop I'm not making excuses or wanting you to feel sorry for me so put away the angry messages, I have frequent bursts of arthritis pain in my hands that makes typing, or doing art, near impossible. Do you want to take down your stories for mature content and heavy violence? He is retrieved and returned to a secret, Tri-cell facility where Harley finds herself recruited to poke and prod at the remains. Remi knows she can handle anything the post-apocalyptic world can throw at her, but when a blue-eyed mercenary tracks her down for stolen cigarettes and caps, everything she thought she once knew is flipped upside down. Hangover by DragonSapphire reviews "How do I keep waking up like this? Johanna, one of their failed test subjects, ventures out into the Commonwealth on her own and is invited to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel. Even in an entirely new galaxy, Alec Ryder never ceases to disappoint his children. Rewrite the Stars by SkylartheGrey reviews Some things never change. I also rarely write from a male falling for a female unless it's a background character. Hiatus Halloween - Rated: What else can you do, but help to save the world? Gothalla is said Goth-ella I put it alla and it just stuck so if anyone was wondering it's not Goth-all-ah it's Goth-ell-ah I will be writing about: They're usually about a Cannon character and an Original Character. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Drifter Girl by snipershezz reviews Finding your place in the world is hard, especially for a drifter like Edi. Those that flame a person's work aren't worth the effort. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Claret by The Riddick reviews After absorbing the soul of an ancient creature from her nightmares, Claret flees Whiterun and the Companions to escape her destiny and runs headlong into a man that will twist and warp her every thought, pulling her deeper into the Darkness that so sweetly calls her home. Buried with Haven, only compassion would save her. I have fixed the error. Peculiar by Maiafay reviews Nora had always been a peculiar girl, but what begins as a harmless fetish becomes something much deeper, and a certain synth detective becomes more than just an obsession. Now he'll learn the consequences of his actions, but will he get a second chance to fix his mistakes? Impure Thoughts by Deathvein reviews FemSS x Hancock - As they pulled away from each other to catch a breath he looked at her with an intense burning through his dark eyes. This is the Boogeyman's house after, and she is well aware that anything can happen. Possible smut later will gauge interest. He doesn't understand why, but Grim finds himself becoming more and more drawn to her.

You are, yes you are!! Other then that I have an immune disorder that causes me to frequently get sick and end up laid up for weeks at a time. Personally, if they want to be that way so be it. Straight Outta Vault 75 by i. The job pays extremely well, but she knows by taking it, she is putting her very life at risk.

Though a few times I've created worlds and paired OC's. She never intended to fall for him, but she's happy she did. I however do not create lesbian sort of pairings, though a few of my OC's are bisexual. Dragon Age - Rated: A doctor is out to make a name for herself and she wants to do it by figuring out Michael Myers.

She didn't want to assimilate. The Dark Descent, Mythology, and Friday the 13th. Wesker, OC - Complete. It's no doubt that they're doing it to everyone's works and think theirs is better. They wanted her to conform, while erasing her identity. It could be because of her looks, or because of her skills or her ability to fight.

Exhausted for all they could acquire from her, they left her - forgot her. Too Human by runsongasoline reviews They expected her to be so human. Most of my old stories I have all but given up on. That's all I really have to say right now, if you stuck around, thanks for reading and have a great day! I prefer constructive criticism and friendly reviews above all else. I didn't feel like the name fit.

Never in her life had she imagined herself experimenting on the, still twitching parts, of a superior until now. I've been more interested in making things that I tend to lose myself in new things. Because of this, she accepts a job restoring the old Myers house as an interior painter. Hawke x Varric, rated M for future chapters. That was something no-one had done to him before and she was a pre-war goodie two shoes.

A Night to Remember by SpiritSouls It's been two years since the Nexus arrived in Andromeda, and there's finally something to celebrate. This was "The Heat of Battle". Though when Wesker shows an interest in the young girl, her life is turned upside down. Caged by Allthetruththatisinme reviews She never intended to be an exile, but there she was standing on Kadara.

During the later bits of those times I try and get online or write as much as I can, but it can be tough. Or, it could be that they're both more alike than they care to think.

After being left behind, Sara Ryder is a biotic with a chip on her shoulder. Mass Effect - Rated: Imprisoning, interrogating, and torturing heretics under suspicion of being a spy. Elder Scroll series - Rated: Science and Junk by Falre reviews You are new to the Overwatch team and are deployed on your first mission with the team when things to awry. Nothing, she learns, is quite what it seems. M - English - Angst - Chapters: An Unexpected Suitor by Slothzar reviews Hawke and Varric are best friends, until they become a whole lot more. I'm not the less experienced, over-emotional teenager that I was before, I won't freak out over someone flaming my works. Hancock, OC] - Complete. The party everyone has been waiting for is happening tonight, and Sara Ryder is going to navigate speeches, tricky dance floors, and her growing attraction to a currently off duty militia captain Tiran Kandros. Charon's nerves get the better of him and he leaves Megaton with an ex-radier OC to travel across Capital Wasteland and beyond to find him. Restoration by KLeslie reviews Megan Cramer moved out of her parents' house unexpectedly and is now trying to survive in the "real" world. They will contain sexual content or some sort of equally mature content. If I were to count all my chapters I've written randomly it would be over , at least and most of them would be a paragraph long, maybe more. Rated M for death, violence, and there's a lemon in ch. It could be the mystery that surrounds her. Multiple characters with OC. Which I am sorry for. Emotionally wounded by a Nord Companion she travelled with as a healer, Taika ran away to Winterhold where only a couple months afterwards something happens that changes her from meek and submissive to a mature woman with a hunger for the opposite sex. Perhaps, the strange alien she encountered in this strange new world can help with that Very mild canon divergence. Can You Make Me Feel? She never intended to be a captive, but she found herself in chains. Twisted Fates by SquattingMonkey reviews What is left of Wesker is discovered at an undisclosed location. In her short time working with him she makes an impression on the supposedly mindless killer. When she is fired she never imagined he would come after her. How will the two survive the consequences of their actions? Lately I've needed to wear braces on my hands until the pain dulls. I've been trying to flesh out my stories that I've been writing and actually making myself go to four chapters before letting myself write something else that I have ideas for. You weren't prepared for the heat of battle, and now you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. She's never held the fate of another in her hands before Wesker, OC] Ada W.
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stelka. Age: 21yrs. Hi..i'm Hope i'll be 21 in August I have a cerebral palsy and I'm in a wheelchair but I'm very loving and friendly open-minded looking for love marriageand children a good guy who doesn't care about...

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